Rates and Payments

Rates and Payments of our Ultimate Escort Service

Our agency provides High Class Escort services and as you know quality doesn't come cheap. All our models are unique and individual and therefore the fee varies for each escort and depends on multiple factors. The minimum duration of a meeting is 2 hours starting from 700 euros for two hours. More detailed information on service fees can be found in each model's profile.

The payment includes transportation within the city where the escort model is located. Any travel outside the city or international trips are paid separately. You can inquire about the transportation cost by contacting us through one of the convenient methods for you.

Payment Methods

We accept most well-known payment methods:
- Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
- Bank transfer
- Cash
- PayPal
- Revolut
- Cryptocurrency (BTC, Tether, etc.)

For security reasons, we do not publish payment method details here. You will be provided with the relevant links during the final stage of booking.

The preferred method of payment is cash, which is handed over to the model in an open envelope during the meeting. Please note that we do not accept 200 and 500 euro banknotes.


Prepayment is required to confirm the booking and secure the services.

We require a prepayment for our services for several important reasons:

Secure Commitment

By requesting a prepayment, we ensure that clients are committed to their booking and serious about receiving our services. It helps us manage our schedule effectively and allocate our resources accordingly.

Confirmation of Intent

Prepayment serves as confirmation of the client’s intent to utilize our services. It helps us avoid last-minute cancellations or no-shows, ensuring that both parties value and respect each other’s time.

Mutual Trust

Prepayment fosters a sense of trust between our agency and clients. It demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional service, and in turn, clients can have confidence in our reliability and professionalism.

Please note that our prepayment policy is in place to ensure a smooth and efficient service experience for all parties involved. We value our clients’ satisfaction and strive to provide an exceptional and memorable experience.

The prepayment is fixed at 200 euros for a 2-hour booking.


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